Mattress Buying Guide in India | How to Choose the Right Mattress


The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Mattress in India

Buying the wrong mattress can be very painful in the long term. Not sleeping well could not only make you feel stiff, tired or in extensive pain, but it could also take a negative turn on your mood during the day. Thus, selecting the perfect mattress in india can prove to be quite a mammoth task. While the availability of limitless options can overwhelm you, this simple guide can help you avoid all the hassles and shop for the best mattress in India.  

Factors to Consider While Shopping For the Right Mattress

The first step to purchasing the perfect mattress is to consider your sleep preferences. Ask yourself the following questions – 

1. Your Sleeping Position 

The mattress shouldn’t alter the natural contour of your body, be it any position you sleep in. There are three most popular sleeping positions:

 Your Sleeping Position

  • If you prefer to sleep on your back, you need a mattress that would keep your spine straight, reducing the possibility of a stiff back. This is possible with a firmer mattress, one that wouldn’t cave or soften under your weight. 
  • Similarly, if you sleep on your stomach, It should be firmer, allowing your body to retain its natural curve. 
  • However, if you sleep on your side, the mattress should be softer, allowing your body to follow its natural curve line. Sleeping on your side on a stiff mattress wouldn’t allow your body to settle in its original curve, and would cause your muscles to go sore.

2. Picking the Right Mattress Size 

Selecting the right size is based on whether or not you share your bed with someone, or whether you tend to move a lot in your sleep. There can be various mattress sizes such as: 

  • Single-bed Mattress: 76cm – 91cm wide 
  • Double-bed Mattress: 106cm – 122cm wide
  • Queen-bed Mattress: 152cm – 168cm wide
  • King-sized bed mattress: 183cm – 198cm wide

The perfect size also depends on your height and how much you weigh. The mattress lengths usually available in the market range in three sizes, 183 cm, 190 cm and 198 cm. 

Consider a larger bed if you are taller, weigh more, tend to move a lot, or share your bed with someone. If you do move a lot while you sleep, you must invest in mattresses that can absorb motion transfer, allowing you to remain undisturbed while your partner shifts in their sleep.

3. Your Medical Condition

 Medical Condition
If you have a recurring back problem, or any other stiffness in your body, it is vital you speak with your doctor before selecting your mattress. Identify the problem in your body and ensure you research on the best kind of mattress for your specific needs.

4. What is your Budget 

It is not always true that a quality mattress demands a splurge of money. It is possible to buy a good quality mattress with a narrow budget.  However, don’t make budget your only deciding factor or else you could end up with a cheap but an inferior-quality mattress. While deciding on the budget, do consider the life of the mattress as well apart from other factors. 

5. Picking the Right Mattress Type

Picking the Right Mattress Type

Here are the various mattresses available in Indian stores and their special features – 

  1. Foam Mattress- Filled with polyfoam, the foam mattress tends to be softer and take up the natural curve of your body. This mattress is excellent if you sleep on your side, and can help relieve back pain by aligning the spine correctly. They are plush and comfortable and wouldn’t cause a problem if your partner were to toss and turn in bed. However, these mattresses do tend to heat up, and are ideal for colder or hilly regions.
  2. Memory Foam Mattress- These mattresses are advanced versions of the normal foam mattress, and contain polyurethane. It has a really high density, and retains your body shape for a long time even after you have gotten off the bed, earning it its name. They are known to regulate your body heat while you sleep, making it a preferred choice for hotter climates. Another major advantage of the memory foam mattress is that it is hypoallergenic as it has an extremely dense structure and keeps dust and other allergens away. However, they are very heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre if you sleep alone. 
  3. Coir Mattress- These mattresses are authentic, indigenous inventions. They contain coconut coir, and are the most environmentally sustainable of the different kinds of mattresses. Firmer than foam mattresses, they are more suitable if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach.. They are economical to use and don’t transfer motion. Since coconut coir has no elasticity and tends to sag quite a bit over a period of time, they may have a shorter life span than other mattresses
  4. Spring Mattress- This mattress is an advanced version of the coir mattress, and is infused with springs to make the bed bouncier. Due to this, the mattress tends to exhibit some amount of motion transfer and can cause discomfort if your partner moves around in bed. However, many new brands provide a layer of foam over this mattress to purge the motion transfer. They provide adequate comfort from back pain. 
  5. Latex Mattress- Obtained from a rubber tree’s sap, latex is highly elastic, and moulds to the shape that your body takes. They are durable, organic, hypoallergenic, and exhibit hardly any motion transfer. Known for their long lifespan hey are excellent for side sleepers with stiff necks and backs. They are organic and do not retain heat, and thus help regulate body temperature. They are the most expensive kind of mattress. The two varieties, Talalay and Dunlop Mattresses are both of good quality. The Dunlop is preferred for core- support, whereas the Talalay has a homologous mixture, providing more all rounded comfort.
  6. Airbed Mattress- This highly durable, portable mattress is exceedingly popular in today’s mattress. It is made from PVC, and can be pumped with air before its use. The mattress is preferred as the firmness can be altered by the amount of air that is pumped inside it. They are very useful for people who sleep on their sides and suffer from lower back-aches. They are odourless, and don’t absorb any heat from the body. However, they are susceptible to punctures and leaks. 
  7. Rebonded foam mattress- Highly sustainable mattresses, these are manufactured from reclaimed or scrap foam. They are alternatives to coir mattresses, but are superior because of their comfort and compressibility. Economical and cheaper than foam, the chemicals in the glue may let out emissions that can be harmful for children. You can only buy this mattress online. 

6. Choosing the Best Mattress Brand in India

 best mattress brand in india
Another key factor to look for when buying a mattress in India is the brand. Make sure you go for a brand that comes with good credibility and offers guarantee/warranty on their mattresses. Some of the most popular brands in India are:

  • WakeFit
  • Dreamzee
  • SleepyCat
  • Sleepyhead
  • Kurl-On
  • Emma Mattress
  • Coirfit
  • Urban Ladder
  • Fresh-up Mattress
  • Foams India

7. Buying a Mattress According To Your Needs

best mattress

It is essential to pay attention to your specific needs as well while buying a mattress. Some popular scenarios are discussed below. 

  • Mattresses for Children: A stiff mattress can result in terrible body aches in children, rending their day, as well as yours, miserable. Moreover, it is important to avoid chemical mattresses (Petroleum or other kinds of memory foam), and settle for mattresses that are more organic as well as soft. Therefore, latex mattresses can be the most suitable kind for children. 
  • Mattresses for Pregnant women: Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides. They should avoid the incredibly firm or incredibly soft mattress, and hence foam or memory foam mattresses can be great for pregnant women. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I replace my mattress

A mattress’ lifespan depends on its type, useage, brand, and other factors. While a latex mattress can last for as long as 20 years a coir mattress can start to sag in just 5 years. It is recommended, as a general rule of thumb, that you consider replacing your mattress every 7-10 years.

Where should I buy my mattress?

There are many mattress brands available online or in retail stores. Good research of the brand and type of mattress you want will lead you to the retailer.

What is the difference between a Memory Foam and a Latex mattress?

The most basic difference is that the memory foam takes the exact mold of your body shape while you sleep. The Latex mattress will be softer and confirm to the general outline of your body. Memory foam can be toxic for children as it contains chemicals. Latex is an organic material and is harmless. Latex is more expensive than a memory foam mattress.

Buying the Right Mattress 

For most people, sleep is the most anticipated recluse from daily life. A healthy sleep-cycle will help you live a healthy, happier, relaxed life. Why compromise on the most important aspect of your life? Get a kickstart on your mattress buying guide in India, and select the best mattress in India for your specific needs.


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