Mattress Brands In India

Are you looking forward to buying the best mattress brands in India and are confused as to which one to choose from the number of options available? Well, there are a few things to look for while you are hunting for the best mattress. 

We have tested, compared, and evaluated a plethora of latest options available in the mattress industry to come up with the best possible options to help our readers buy the best mattress. In this article, we will help you choose the right mattress to sleep peacefully on. We have listed here the top 10 mattress brands available in India.  

The listed brands are amongst the great industry players in terms of the mattress, manufacturers have prevailed in the industry for years.

Before heading to the different brands available, let us first have an idea about several kinds of mattresses available and which one would be the best choice.


Mattress Brands In India  



Different Types of Top 10 Mattresses Brands Available in India:

While shopping for a new mattress, you must be aware of the various types of the mattress present in the market. There are numerous variations available that range from low to high. The major types of top 10 mattress brands available in India are listed below:  

  1. Innerspring Mattress
    • They are one of the traditional types of mattresses available that have​ steel coils inside them in several different configurations. Some hybrids mattresses have more layers of foam on the top of springs to provide maximum support. The top layer can have several variations such as infused gel or pillow top layer to provide proper cushioning to the users.
    • Shifting positions are also easy on these mattresses, moreover, when a partner switches positions, a bounce can be felt by the other person sleeping because of several layers of foam, and this could annoy some.
  2. Foam Mattresses
    • Polyurethane is used by several manufacturers to create foam​ layers that are used in the mattresses, and some companies also use latex. You will find that latex mattresses are sold more than foam ones. Then there are some mattresses manufactured that include foam and latex both.
    • Memory foam is very soft, and it softens more when you lie on the mattress, and some mould themselves into the shape of the body of a person. After the user gets up, it regains its shape.
  3. Adjustable Air Mattresses
    • These mattresses can be inflated or deflated as per the user’s convenience. The mattress brand in India is inflated with the help of an electric pump that is attached to it. There is an additional layer of foam attached on the top of the mattress to provide extreme comfort. There are several mattresses available that allow inflating the two sections of a bed separately according to the level of firmness required on each side.
    • After looking at the different types of mattress brands in India, let us now know the top brands available in India for our readers to choose from. We have listed them below for your reference.

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India

According to a recent report that was published, it is concluded that the Indian mattress industry has experienced an average annual growth of 10-15 percent. This is enormous for our country. All of this is possible because of the existence of the best mattress brands. Top players of the industry are-  

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1. Sleepwell Mattress

Sleepwell is one of the top mattress brands in the industry that provides sleep care and support products all over India. The company is ISO 9001 certified and falls under the chief categories of Sheela group. Sleepwell uses the best and latest technology and products for the manufacture of its mattresses. They keep the specific demands of their customers in mind during the production procedure. 

Sleepwell mattress is believed to provide several benefits to its users as the mattress is prepared with the best quality products and latest technology to provide the maximum level of comfort. 

Product Highlights:

  • The technology used to manufacture Sleepwell mattress aims to improve spine and back support. It not only provides a good night’s sleep but at the same time, ensures the maximum comfort. 
  • The entire mattress is covered by fabric on both sides, which ensures that the content of the mattress is safe, and it lasts long. It even makes the mattress light to carry from one place to another. 
  • Though springs are used in the mattress, it is covered with two layers of foam with which extra comfort and support are provided to the users.  
  • When you bring home a new mattress and position it on your bed, the company recommends allowing the mattress to rest and expand so that it comes to its original shape.  

What I Like:

  • Reasonable mattresses are available to fit every budget. 
  • Comfort and support are ensured with two layers of foam incorporated.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • The warranty period provided along with the mattress is not enough considering the price paid.  

2. Kurl-on Mattress 

One of the best features of this brand is that the company uses its own technology to design its mattresses and make them stand out in the crowd. 

Anti-bug and anti-dust mite properties are enriched in the mattress which ensures that your bed stays fresh round the year. Because of its unique features, the mattress is the best fit for people of all age groups. 

Mattresses provided by the company are ready to use, and the users don’t face any issues in its usage. Kurl-on mattress is an excellent option for combination and side sleepers. The company has designed this mattress for Indian families, and they can continue to use them for a long time.  

Product Highlights:

  • The layers of the bed are prevented from rupturing with thermo bond that is implemented in the springs. It maintains the excellent quality of the mattress. 
  • Spinal and joints support and comfort is provided with a pillow top cover in some variants. Enough bounce is experienced with the help of springs.  
  • Kurl-on mattresses are economical and offer a wide range of varieties for people of all age groups.  

What I Like:

  • Reasonably Priced mattresses available according to the features provided. 
  • Microorganisms and pest resistant. 
  • Pillow top foam layer provides maximum support and eases pains in joints. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • The quality of spring decreases with time. 
  • Terms and conditions of the warranty provided are not clear.  

3. Nilkamal Mattress 

Nilkamal brand is trendy in India, and it became famous for manufacturing premium quality chairs and other similar seating furniture. It is one of the best players prevailing in the furniture industry for years. After being in the industry for so long and gaining great popularity, they have now started manufacturing pillows and mattresses. Hence, being one of the best companies, their lines of mattresses are also the foremost choice of many customers.  

Their first launch was in the year 2014, and they are consistently working on bettering their designs since then. Nilkamal makes sure to design their mattresses, keeping Indian weather conditions in mind. They also take care of the sleeping habits of the Indian population.  

Product Highlights:

  • There are four layers incorporated in a single mattress, and the topmost layer is made of thin quilt protected with a covering of durable fabric that prevents it from tearing.  
  • The mattresses come with a height and width chart through which the customer can decide which mattress’s firmness will suit their needs well. Four different firmness levels are available to choose from. 
  • A standard and necessary mattress to match the requirements of an Indian customer. Also, there are no fancy features found in the mattress that may degrade the quality of the materials used for firmness and longevity.  

What I Like:

  • Maximum comfort and support are experienced in this mattress range, with four layers of foam used. 
  • The company doesn’t have any exaggerated claims for its products as standard mattresses are manufactured to provide the best comfort.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • The warranty period could have been a bit longer than what is provided. 
  • Average reviews available online for the product.  

4. CoirFit Mattresses

considerable popularity as one of the leading names in the industry. Ever since the launch of its first product, CoirFit has always aimed to provide excellence in almost everything they offer. They not only have a satisfactory product design but also offer its customers with excellent quality products and excellent quality raw materials used. After-sale customer services and customer satisfaction are also looked after by the company effectively.  

They have a particular line of mattress that was released in 2018, and the mattress is designed specifically to provide people with considerable back and spinal support. It is mainly aimed to improve the health conditions of its users by quietly sleeping on it. 

Product Highlights:

  • Best in class mattresses provided along with HD Endurance foam used in the manufacturing process. It has a semi-hard back design that provides a high level of superior support and comfort.  
  • The materials used in the construction of these mattresses are medically approved bond materials that are safe for humans and animals as well. 
  • A particular kind of material is used to keep bed bugs away as well.  
  • The cover provided is stitched with an unusual fabric that makes the cleaning process a lot easier and offers intact protection for the entire mattress.  
  • The mattress is believed to last long because of its no-sag technology. Body heat is not retained by the mattress as the fabrics used in the design helps to keep the mattress cool to a great extent.  

What I Like:

  • Exceptional budget-friendly rates applied to the mattress to make them highly affordable. 
  • Several orthopedic benefits are integrated. 
  • Multi-layer design provides maximum support and comfort.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • No reviews found online to have an overview of customer experience.  

5. Sleepzone Mattress

This brand is owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Private Limited. The company is one of the best spring mattresses manufacturers in India. With its excellent products, the company has gained incredible popularity in the industry and is serving the mattress industry for more than a decade now. Both spring and non-spring mattresses are offered by the company for its customers to select from.  

The company offers a plethora of variants in the products manufactured and is available for domestic as well as commercial uses. Though it is an Indian company, the products are exported outside India as well. It is one of the best players in the mattress industry.  

Product Highlights:

  • Retrospective supportive mattresses with pillow-tops loaded with numerous features to make them stand out in such a competitive market. 
  • A great deal if you go with this choice of the mattress as they offer amazing features at lesser rates. The innovative spring system technology is used to create the right level of responsiveness.  
  • You don’t need to turn the mattress upside down frequently. All you need to do is rotate the mattress a bit, and it stays in good shape. Its handles help to position the mattress with colossal ease.  
  • General layers of mixed materials are provided and cushioning is added in the pillow to ensure comfort. Luxury features are offered at an affordable rate. 
  • A supremely comfortable mattress produced so that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg of its users.  

What I Like:

  • Innovative spring system used in the sleep zone mattress for utmost comfortability. 
  • Pillow Top helps to provide a luxurious experience. 
  • Generous depth to ensure that the materials are intact properly and the mattress lasts long. 

6. Urban Ladder Mattress

Urban Ladder is one of the best mattresses brands in India and offers its range of mattress at affordable rates. Different variants are available to fit a variety of needs of the customers. They manufacture mattresses that have a combination of spring and foam to provide extra comfort.  

Bonnel springs are used inside to give perfect bounce to the beds and are topped with high-quality foams so that the springs stay intact and last long. Urban Ladder produces some of the best support providing systems during sleep that are best suited to handle issues related to the spinal cord.  

Four major categories of mattresses are provided to match the preferences of a whole customer base. It uses innerspring technology to ensure the exceptional quality of rest and comfort. 

Product Highlights:

  • Edge support is guaranteed best quality springs are used that have high carbon content and are anti-corrosive. This makes the mattress last longer than others available in the range, and it also ensures adequate spine support.  
  • Foam placed on the top of the mattress is quilted to provide the maximum level of comfort. The foam also takes adequate care of the air circulation that also helps to make the bed less bouncy. This feature assures no motion transfer, hereby reducing disturbance. 
  • ed as a combination of spring and foam is encased in the mattress. Minimal edge roll-off is experienced, and the mattress stays in shape without sagging. 
  • The products manufactured from this brand have successfully brought a high level of customer satisfaction by providing superior relaxation experience.  

What I Like:

  • Economical products offered along with exceptional services. 
  • The durable mattress provided needs minimal maintenance. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • Though full spinal support is provided, the mattress is not recommended for neck and back pain. 

7. Flo Ergo Mattress 

As the name suggests, this brand produces mattresses that are built with modern technology and provides ergonomic support. Polyfoam is used in the manufacturing process of the mattresses of this company that successfully forms a thick base of the mattress. It prevents the sinkage of body parts any further and is highly recommended. A gel-infused layer is also provided that is made up of memory foam, and it helps to support the natural curvature of the spine of humans.  

The gel-infused inside the layer of foam successfully helps to absorb excessive heat of the body and helps to keep the bed and body cool. 

Product Highlights:

  • The gel-infused memory foam layers ensure that there is no partner disturbance. Motion transfer is not felt by the other partner sleeping beside and peaceful sleep is assured.  
  • The mattresses are devoid of any possible flaws, and Flo has efficiently captured an excellent customer base in the market by producing great products at affordable rates.  
  • A zippered cover is provided along with the mattress that is easy to put on and remove. Washing the cover is also an easy task, and the brand claims that the cover is infused with Aloe Vera Gel.  

Mattresses from this brand would prove to be a sensible buy as they have high-quality materials used and are offered at the best possible rates.  

What I Like:

  • The mattresses are competitively priced and offer the best-rated features than others. 
  • Zero partner disturbance is observed with excellent back support provided that makes it a suitable buy for many.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • After-sale service is not up to the mark 

8. Wakefit Mattresses 

If you are one of the customers who is particularly looking for foam mattresses, then Wake Fit mattresses are a perfect buy that already has an excellent customer base in the market. It is one of the few foam mattresses brands that you should try to experience maximum support even while you are sleeping. Shop nothing other than its range of mattress if you are looking for multi-utility mattresses that are able to provide a medium level of comfort. There is a combination of sides provided that includes a softer side and a medium-soft side.  

You will have to flip the mattress to suit a variety of your needs or according to the weather conditions. According to the brand, it is suggested that the softer side is suitable for summers as this side ensures better circulation of air. Body heat is adequately regulated and ensures that the bed stays cool. 

Product Highlights:

  • Foam density provided inside the mattress is firm, and it ensures better spinal support while sleeping. There are bigger cells incorporated in the foam that guarantees relaxed sleep throughout the night. 
  • Great level of comfort is provided with the help of a pillow top cover. Softer materials are used for the topmost layer of the mattress that is smooth for the skin.  
  • The mattress is lighter in weight that makes portability of the mattress easy inside the house. According to the reviews of the customers, the foam and top cover provided are of exceptional quality.  

The brand is famous for providing the best customer services, and the sales team will give you the best guidance to choose a mattress that will suit the different needs of your body and also according to your body type.  

What I Like:

  • Sleep quality improves considerably by using the mattress from this brand. 
  • Durable and easy handling. 
  • Firm support and great comfort are provided, no matter which side you sleep on of the same mattress.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • Customers who have experienced back-pain previously are advised not to choose a mattress that has a harder side as well. 

9. Springtek Foam Mattress 

The quality of fabrics used for the production of their mattress is of premium quality, and the performance is also excellent. The product is super soft to ensure a great sleep and an extra level of comfort. High-density foam is incorporated in the bed to ensure more excellent air circulation. It is breathable and provides the utmost level of comfort while the customer sleeps. Reliable and modern-day technologies are used in the production process that is equipped to offer an excellent level of comfort.  

Five years of warranty is provided along with the products which are comparatively more significant than what is provided by other brands producing the same line of products.  

Product Highlights:

  • Zipper cover is provided along with the mattress brands in India to protect it from germs and bugs of all kinds. It also helps the product have a long life as it is well-protected from outer dust and germs. The cover can be easily opened for washing. 
  • The foam of the mattress is a soft press that provides the best sleeping habits for all kinds of sleepers, irrespective of the position you have a habit of sleeping in. The different sleeping positions include side sleeping, stomach or back sleeping position.  

What I Like:

  • Medium level of comfort is provided to ensure exceptional quality sleep. 
  • Dual comfort mattress is produced that has a combination of soft and hard materials.  
  • Excellent after-sale service is provided along with the mattress that makes it more convenient to be used.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • Though the soft layer is integrated, the company could have made it a bit smoother. 

10. Sleepyhead Mattress 

The Sleepyhead mattress is made up of memory foam and has three layers of foam incorporated. The mattresses from this brand have gained considerable popularity with a good customer base since the day it was launched. It also offers a trial period on some of its latest products to some esteemed customers so that they can ensure that the mattress is built with the latest technologies used to provide an exceptional level of satisfaction to the customers. Enough support is guaranteed to provide the users with a good night’s sleep every single day.  

Premium quality foam and other materials are used so that there are absolutely no flaws found in the product. With the help of high-quality foam used, pressure points are targeted while you are asleep at night to give you a more relaxed sleep than any other mattress of a similar range. 

Product Highlights:

  • The products from this brand come with BIS certification and hold an ISI certification as well. Thus, the quality of the product can be easily relied on for longevity as the materials used are checked thoroughly for incorporation. 
  • One of the most fantastic features of this brand is that it offers a free trial of 100 days. You can sleep on this mattress for 100 long days and see if you are making a correct decision of investing your money in mattresses of this brand. If you are satisfied with the performance of the product, then you can think of investing.

The medium-firm feel is provided by the mattresses to provide a great level of alignment to your spinal cord. Have a relaxing sleep for the entire night.  

What I Like:

  • Memory foam is used in the production of mattresses from this brand. The medium-firm feel is provided with adequate support.  
  • Free trial period is the best feature to try products from the brand and make an informed decision.  

What I Don’t Like:

  • A top cover needs to be purchased separately as it is not provided along. Moreover, the mattress is also pure white.  

Mattress Buying Guide

After going through the list of 10 best mattress brands available in India, let us go through the tips that would help you buy the best mattress.  

The guide is very comprehensive for the customers that would help the customers to answer all the questions that they would have in their minds on how to go about with the decision of buying a new mattress.  

  • Lifespan: Every mattress comes with a lifespan,​ though the lifespan on a mattress depends majorly on several conditions. Sleeping habits of a person are also believed to affect the lifespan of a mattress. A mattress that is used daily is susceptible to more wear and tear than the one which is used less frequently. A mattress that is seven years old or has significant sagging and if you wake up with back and body aches, then you should consider buying a new one.  
  •  Softness: Innerspring mattresses are a perfect fit to​experience the bounce that you need and want to feel. The coils that are interconnected are believed to be durable, but pocketed coils are able to reduce the ripple effect experienced when a partner moves.  
  • Firm Base: Mattresses build of memory foam, or latex mattress ​has less spring used in the production. Quality of the mattress can be easily determined by looking at the thickness of the foam. It will also help you to determine how deep you will sink. The mattress with heavier foam used at the bottom will provide maximum support.  
  • Fussy Sleeper: Buy an innerspring mattress that has pocketed​ coils incorporated or a dual-chamber air-filled mattress. Medium-firm pucks are believed to have the best motion isolation. But, the mattress selected can prove to be less comfortable on the body of a sleeper who sleeps restlessly.  
  • Air Circulation: Manufacturers can easily get carried away for the ​claims they make in the cooling properties of the mattresses. Foam or latex mattresses are believed to hold in body heat considerably, especially when you choose a soft mattress, or your body sinks in the mattress while sleeping. Newer technology is used to manufacture toppers and sheets that prove to offer cooler benefits.  

Final Thoughts 

The investment made to buy a new mattress is essential. You will have to go through several different options before you can land on a perfect choice of mattress that you will feel like investing in. Humans work day and night to get food and peaceful sleep at night. Look for the mattress that has the usage of the best quality materials and is made with the latest technology used. Pick the best one with longer durability and the one that provides maximum support. Choose amongst some of the great options picked and feel great to have a peaceful good night’s sleep.  

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