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Emma Mattress

Your next day’s productivity depends on your tonight’s sleep. A good mattress is all you need to have that perfect sleep you have been striving for.

Emma Mattress provides value for money and these foam mattresses provide optimal foam support.

If you have been searching for the best mattresses that help to soothe back pain, provide an exceptional level of comfort, and the one that is not too hard or soft, Emma Mattress is the best choice for you.

Brand Snapshot

Emma Mattress Review
The mattresses go perfectly well with any base, may it be wood beds or slatted bed frames. Emma has an objective to deliver better sleeping experience across the globe. The brand was first launched in the year 2015 in Germany.

The brand uses a unique technology to build its mattresses and proposes traditional memory foam. The brand has bagged several awards for producing the best mattresses in India.

Dual-purpose is served with the help of design convoluted by Emma. It is responsible for providing enormous support and enhances airflow.

With the help of innovations, the development team, and a great testing facility, the brand has been able to provide excellent sleeping experience.

Once you use the mattresses from Emma, you will not like to sleep on the mattress from any other brand. Emma Mattress is the best choice for back and side sleepers.

Emma Mattress Types

Two different kinds of Emma Mattresses are available.

  • Emma Original Mattress
  • Emma Ortho Mattress

Emma Original Mattress

It is by far considered as the best mattress in India, which is produced using the best technology. You can check Emma Mattress Review India to ensure what users have to say about this super effective mattress.

The Reasons to buy the Emma original & Ortho mattress are that it is made up of Memory foam and is engineered with high-quality German technology to provide the best performance.

It has layers that can effectively control the temperature as well.

Emma Ortho Mattress

It is another amazing mattress that is used across the globe for people having some common issues such as back pain, etc.

The Ortho mattress is developed using scientific technology. It ensures that the mattress is designed to provide maximum comfort for all sleep positions with great value for money.

Additionally, it comes with a Zero-motion transfer feature, which means that you will not feel the motion when your partner moves while sleeping. Have an uninterrupted, energized sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

Emma Mattress Made Up Of

Emma Mattress
Emma Mattresses are made with layers of foam. Three different layers of foam are used to produce a single mattress, and one mattress measures almost 12 inches in height.

The three different kinds of foam used are memory foam, Airgocell foam, and dense polyfoam. This perfect blend provides enhanced support to varied sleepers. The sleeper will not experience sinkage and experience relief from deep pressure.

After knowing a few things about the mattress, let us know about the features of Emma Mattress that makes it the best choice in the market. You must be looking for reasons to buy Emma Original and Ortho Mattress.

By looking at the features contained, you will be double sure that there are several benefits of using Emma Mattress.

  • Firmness- The level of firmness is distinct for different people since they have different body types, and also their weight varies. The right combination of different layers of foam used in the mattress prevents this mattress from getting too soft. The level of softness and contouring make this bed a great option for people who side sleepers. Stomach Sleepers may feel that the bed is too soft for them, but this choice is not too bad for them again. The authentic mix of different layers of foam makes this bed an ideal choice.
  • Respond to the pressure points- While buying a mattress, it is crucial to determine the reaction of the choice of bed to different pressure points. You will have to check with your sleeping position, which aspects of your body exert more pressure while sleeping, and how your body reacts. Emma Mattress is excellent for back and side sleepers. They get excellent spine support while sleeping, and side sleepers feel incredibly cozy and comfortable sleeping. Stomach sleepers may find this option too soft, and is hence, ideal for people who are looking for softer mattresses.There is not much sinkage experienced while sleeping in any position.
  • Motion Transfer- This option is considered when you buy a bed, and you know that you are going to share it with your partner. Level of motion transfer helps determine how much you or your partner will be disturbed when you sneak out for a midnight snack or fall back on the bed after completing your daily chores. Surprisingly, Emma Mattress comes with very low or zero motion transfer, and it is excellent for newlywed couples or dog lovers. You will not feel slight movements through the night, and will not get disturbed while asleep.

Mattress Sizing Chart

California King72″*84″*12″
Twin XL38″*80″*12″

Emma Mattress Best fit for

Emma Mattress has a medium-firm feel, which means that it is neither too hard nor too soft. This brand’s mattress is best for side sleepers from all weight groups and is the most awarded in Europe.

Such sleepers will experience a great balance of support and firmness while sleeping on Emma Mattress. Moreover, it is ideal for all body types.

Buy the fantastic mattress produced using German Engineered Technology to stimulate adequate alignment of the spinal cord. Back sleepers will also find the best balance between cushioning and support.

Emma Mattress Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Emma Mattress has been an excellent mattress brand for years now in the market. The brand gives a 20 Year Warranty and a 100 Night Risk-Free Trial to its users so that they can try and test this mattress.

If you are looking forward to buying this mattress, choose to use it for a 100-night risk-free trial before you purchase it. Know if it is an ideal fit for you or not.

Additionally, Emma Mattress provides 20 years Warranty on its mattresses. It merely means you can buy this mattress, and use it effectively for 20 long years without getting a single complaint.

All your queries are answered, and they provide great after-sale service to all their valued customers.

Emma Mattress Customer Rating

You will find a plethora of reasons to buy this one of the best mattresses available in India.

Check Emma Mattress Reviews from Genuine customers to know about the goodness of their mattress, and how it helps users have a great sleeping experience. A zipped mattress cover is provided along with it.

Company Information

  • Customer Service- With adequate customer service, Emma Mattress ensures that its customers don’t have to face any issue because of the mattress.
    You can dial at the Emma mattress India contact number to reach representatives who are always available to provide customer support. You can easily buy a mattress from Emma on 0% EMI as well.
    Excellent facilities are offered for convenient buying. Additionally, it provides free shipping. You will not have to pay anything to get the mattress shipped to your doorstep.
  • Reputation- Serving sleepers for almost half a decade now, users swear by the mattress produced by Emma. Some of them find the mattress to be one of the best in the market.
  • Physical Stores- If you are actively looking for an Emma Mattress to buy, you can choose to buy it online or walk into one of its Emma mattress showrooms.
    Emma Mattress Physical stores are located in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi.

    Contact Information- You can choose to contact the office of Emma Mattress through their email address.
    Drop an email at hello@emma-mattress.in to place any request, or get an answer to any query.
    You can also visit their official website to learn more about the brand and its products. Feel free to reach out to them by filling out an inquiry form from their website as well—website Link – https://www.emma-mattress.in.

Emma Mattress Final Verdict

Are you planning to buy Emma Mattress, then it is an adequate choice. Made with high-quality foam Emma Mattresses provides just the right intensity of softness.

Consumers find this mattress softer than what they have expected. Have a look at the ratings of different aspects to know how good Emma Mattress is.

Material Quality – 3.5

Though the foam is used to produce Emma Mattress, it is not as effective for side sleepers. The bed tends to sink when side sleepers sleep in for a longer time period.

Edge Support – 2.5

Due to foam used in its construction optimum edge support is not delivered. It is not capable of providing the needed support to side sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach. It tends to slope down under body weight.

Trial Period – 4.8

100 days is a good time to look for the things you want in your bed. By using the bed for 100 long days, you can make an informed choice whether you should buy this or not.

Warranty – 5

Emma Mattress offers a warranty of 10 long years. It is recommended that people should change their mattresses every 7-8 years to ensure good performance.

Additionally, if you change your mattress frequently, it ensures good back health as well

Company Reputation – 4

Emma Mattress is a popular brand, known and used by many. Several people prefer using its mattresses and is, therefore, an ideal choice.

Value for Money – 4.2

Cost-effective beds are available in a varied range by Emma. Affordable beds are offered that fit the budget of several.


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