Best Mattress for Summer in India

Choosing a mattress in a hot country like India is a tough job. Summer is long-lasting and too hot here. So you have to choose a mattress that could release the heat easily and thus keep the bed cool which the usual mattress fails to do.

In summer, due to heat, people cannot sleep well and keep on moving, thus disturbing the sleep of their partner. Hence you have to choose a mattress that is more adaptive so that helps in motion transfer unlike the usual mattresses and your partner could sleep well at night.

Sleep plays an important role in our health. A sleepless night can make us fatigued, which affects our normal life. A gloominess and tiredness shade us all over the day. So it is important to choose the right mattress. This prose is to help you to choose the Best mattress for summer. We will discuss the following points in details.

  • Factors to consider before choosing the right mattress.
  • Different types of mattresses.
  • Different mattresses for different sleeping positions
  • Mattresses option for a hot country like India.
  • Some general awareness about changing mattress


Factors to Considered Before Choosing the Right Mattress

Factors to Considered Before Choosing the Right Mattress

The best brand and most expensive mattress can bring you nightmares if it does not belong to your type. To choose the right mattress you have to keep in mind the following points:

1. Your Sleeping Position

Not every person sleeps in the same position. Likely, not every mattress adopts your position. While choosing a mattress keep in mind your sleeping position. There are mainly three popular sleeping positions. They are:

  • Sleep on your back.
  • Sleep on your stomach.
  • Sleep on your side.

You better know your sleeping posture. Choose mattress likewise. It should not revise the usual curve of your body.

2. Picking The Right Mattress Size

Picking up the right size means selecting mattresses size according to your height, weight, and whether you sleep alone or share your bed with others. There are generally four variants of mattress size available in the market:

  • Single-bed Mattress that is 76cm – 91cm wide
  • Double-bed Mattress that is 106cm – 122cm wide
  • Queen-bed Mattress that is 152cm – 168cm wide
  • King-sized bed mattress that is 183cm – 198cm wide

If you sleep alone and are tall and weigh more try to choose the bigger size. Thus you could sleep comfortably at night.

3. Your Medical Condition

Mattress plays an important role in keeping your health good. Not only because sleep is important but also patients suffering from spondylitis, have arthritis, etc. needed different types of mattresses. Consult your doctor before purchase, if you are suffering from any particular disease. Also, different types of mattresses are suggested by doctors for pregnant women and children. A stiff mattress can result in body aches which made your baby cry whenever you set them on the mattress. Also, you should choose a mattress that prevents allergic conditions.

4. The Right Mattress Type

There are various types of mattresses available in the market. Study their specifications, pros, and cons, and then only choose the right mattress type for you. The different types of mattresses are as follows.

  • Foam Mattress
  • Coir Mattresses
  • Spring Mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Airbed Mattresses

5. Your Budget

It is very important to keep in mind your budget. It is not like that you have to buy a very expensive one for your comfort. There are mattresses available in the markets which are of good quality within a narrow budget. But budget your mattresses according to your health. Invest money after researching every tiny detail that included your health.


Different types of mattresses

Different types of mattresses

We have already discussed that there are many types of mattresses available in the market. Here we will also discuss the specifications of each type.

Memory Foam Mattress

The foam mattresses are softer and take up the natural curve of the body. It gives relief to back pain by aligning the spine correctly. It is perfect if you or your partners are moving in sleep. The hypoallergenic element in it keeps the dust and other allergens away. The pros and cons of these types of mattresses are as follows.

Best for spine alignment and back support.Initial odor
Good for pressure pointsSleeps hot
No motion transferToo firm
Durable and low maintenanceLow-quality versions abound

These types of mattresses are perfect for the hilly region as they tend to heat up easily.

Coir Mattresses

These types of mattresses are bona fide, aboriginal creations. They are made with coconut coir and hence are eco-friendly. They are firmer than foam mattresses and are suitable for persons who sleep on their back or stomach. The pros and cons are:

Absorb moisture from yourNot so durable
Well ventilated and keep you cool in summerFirm
Provides additional support to the spine
Eco friendly

In a hot climate like India, coir mattresses are perfect. They are the best cooling mattress in India.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are an advanced version of coir mattresses infused with spring to make the mattresses bouncer. It provides adequate relief from back pain.

Pocket friendlyNoisy
Echo friendlyNot good with motion isolation
Move with you

As it is the improved version of coir mattresses it is the best mattress for hot climate in India.

Latex mattresses

The latex is obtained from the rubber tree’s sap. It is highly elastic and adaptive to the shape of your body. They are the best choice for side sleepers. They are quite comfortable with stiff necks and backs.

No smell

These types of mattresses are highly recommendable as the Best mattress for hot climate for a country like India because of the organic material they do not retain heat.

Airbed Mattresses

These are highly portable and durable mattresses. These are made of PVC and can be pumped before use. The firmness of these types of mattresses can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the amount of air pumped inside it. The pros and cons are:

Custom firmnessLengthy assembly
Back painNoisy pumps
Sharing a bed
No sagging
Low price

These types of mattresses became very popular nowadays. The comfort it gives is quite incomparable.


Different Mattresses for Different Sleeping Positions

Different Mattresses for Different Sleeping Positions

  • If you sleep on your back, congratulations, this is the best position according to the doctors. You need not think so much. Just a thinner comfort layer is advised for you.
  • If you sloop on your stomach, it only prevents your nose from snore but gives pain and strain to your neck. A firm and thin comfort layer are recommended for you.
  • Side sleepers are usually suffered from back pain and long term back problems. A thicker comfort layer for pressure relief is very much needed for these types of sleepers.


Mattresses Option for a Hot Country like India

As per the above discussion, we can conclude that organic mattresses are the Best mattress for summer. Coir and latex mattresses in that case are highly recommendable. Though the foam mattresses are only lacked heat reliability, the new memory foam contains the latest sleep technology fibres plus cooling gel beads which helps to absorb and release the excess heat and thus make the surface more comfortable. Also, new mattresses with different materials are available in the market which demands cooler than many others. Thus, unlike in the past, choosing the Best mattress for summer in India is quite easier today in India.


Some General Awareness about Changing Mattress

One of the most important about mattresses is that you have to change it at a particular time gap. Though the warranty period differs that from coir, latex and foam mattresses but is suggested to think about changing mattresses in every 10-12 years gap. It is better to invest money in mattresses than to invest in medicine. Though the coir mattresses and innerspring mattresses are need to be changed in every 5-7 years.

Concluding Lines

For a healthy, happier and relaxed life you need to take care of your sleep at night. A tight sleep at night can make your day even more bright. Before investing go through the prose and select the best one you need for the betterment of your daily life. There are many variants available in the market. Go through their specification and pros and cons, then compare them and finally choose the right one for you. For a hot country like India, you have to choose a mattress that gives you a cool feeling. So a vivid research is necessary before choosing the mattress.

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