Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In India {2023}

People have their preferences when it comes to finding comfort in different sleeping positions. Some prefer to sleep on sides while others may find more comfort in sleeping on their backs. Also, some people like to sleep on the stomach side. Do you know that around 40% of adults find more comfort in side-sleeping? There are also few conditions such as pregnancy where it is recommended to sleep on sides. If you are also a side sleeper, looking for a suitable or best mattress for side sleepers, go ahead to know about how to choose your perfect mattress in India.

Best mattress for side sleepers in India


Side Sleepers And Different Mattress Types:

Let’s look at how different materials of mattresses can affect side sleeping:

    1. Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress, with memory foam in the top layers and spring/support foam in inner layers, is one of the best mattress in India, for side sleepers. Before buying a best mattress for side sleepers in india, you need to make sure that it perfectly aligns with your body in a relaxing way and doesn’t affect your natural alignment. Also, the softness and support should be adequate for a restful sleep. A good quality memory foam mattress should be able to give you complete comfort in these aspects.
    2. Innerspring or coil mattresses: An innerspring mattress that incorporates springs in the core, are quite supportive and reliable. These mattresses are breathable and allow good airflow. As for the cons, if the coils are not properly wrapped, it may not be as pressure-relieving and comfortable as required. Comfort levels can be enhanced, if the coils are properly pocketed or a good foam comforter has been added to the top layer. But, generally, the traditional coil mattresses may not be a good choice for side sleepers.
    3. Latex: Latex is another good option for side sleepers due to their durability and enhanced comfort. When you lie on sides, entire body weight comes to the narrow surface and hence creates more pressure points. Due to this, the traditional foam mattresses can make you feel trapped and uncomfortable due to the higher temperature. Latex mattresses can better address these pressure points without making you feel hot and uncomfortable. You may choose from naturally sourced latex or synthetic latex, which is more affordable.
    4. Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses can give an amazing sleeping experience for side sleepers. A hybrid mattress brings together the steel coil system with additional high-quality layers of foam. It gives the conformity of foam mattresses and strong support of the coil system together to provide you with the utmost comfort.


    Challenges With Side Sleeping

    challenges with side sleeping

    Neck Pain: When sleeping on sides, it can create concentrated pressure on your neck. This can create some stiffness and restrain neck movements. Hence, you should look for a plush mattress that helps you relieve pressure at the neck area and other parts.

    Back Pain: An inappropriate mattress and side sleeping can together result in back pain sometimes. If the mattress for side sleepers are extra soft, your lower back tends to sink in whereas harder mattresses can be quite uncomfortable. The mattress should provide you softness and required support to contour the entire body while relieving pressure points.

    Shoulder or Hip Pain: If you like to sleep in a fetal position where the lower back is curled and knees are folded inwards towards the chest area, it can manifest into hip pain. This position puts pressure on the hips and can create discomfort in the morning. Side sleeping can also create pressure on your shoulder joints which can result in stiffness and pain in that area, especially in the morning. In such a case, you need a mattress that relieves pressure in hip and shoulder areas to give you a comfortable sleeping experience.

    Benefits of Side-Sleeping

    Though it’s a personal preference as to how one likes to sleep, there are some notable benefits of sleeping on sides, especially on your left side. Few of the benefits are:

    benifits of side sleeping

      • Side sleeping has been found beneficial for chronic snorers as it significantly reduces snoring
      • Beneficial for people with lower back pain because it lets you elongate your spine that reduces discomfort in the lower back area
      • Beneficial in reducing acid reflux or heartburn
      • Improves the digestion process
      • Improves the ability of lymph nodes in draining the toxins properly
      • Improves blood circulation and great for your brain health


      Now that you know about the types of mattresses and probable issues/benefits in side-sleeping, let’s take a look at the top-recommended mattresses for side sleepers.

      1. Dreamzee latex mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Made up of 100% naturally sourced latex and hence it is healthy and chemical-free
        • Perfectly combines medium comfort with proper spine support
        • It’s naturally resistant to dust mites and bacteria
        • It has climate control technology that keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers
        • Available with 7 years manufacturer warranty
      2. Furny Orthopedic mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Made up of high-density memory gel foam with a cover of premium quality quilted cotton fabric
        • It is medium soft, relieves pressure points giving you a pain-free and comfortable sleep
        • Maintains the natural shape of the spine giving support to the neck, lower back, and other problem areas
        • Available with 20 years manufacturer warranty
      3. Sleepx by Sleepwell dual mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Made up primarily of rebonded foam whereas the top layer is made up of premium foam that gives a soft and plush feel
        • Dual side mattress with medium-firm feel on one side and firmer on the other side
        • Comes with air mesh technology that allows good air circulation
        • Available with 3 years manufacturer warranty
      4. Nectar memory foam mattress: Click here to buy online
        • The adaptive memory foam mattress layers help in relieving pressure points for better spine alignment. It has quilted memory foam mattress cover that hugs you for providing ultimate comfort
        • It provides good and non-stop airflow that keeps you cool
        • Provides the ideal ratio of softness, firmness, and support with minimal motion support
        • It comes with 365 days of the trial period and forever warranty
      5. Dreamcloud Hybrid mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Consists of 6 layers for ultimate comfort – a quilted euro top, a comfort layer made up of gel-infused memory foam, essential support layer for better body alignment, a pocketed innerspring coil for better breathability and reduced motion transfer, base support layer for extra stability to innerspring coil layer, and finally the bottom mattress cover to ensure that the mattress is stable and holds the correct place.
        • Provides the perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support.
        • Provides good breathability and hence maintains the temperature and keeps you cool.
        • It comes with 365 days of trial period and lifetime warranty.
      6. SleepyCat orthopedic memory foam mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Comes with Gel memory foam, breezy inner cover, removable zipper cover, Anti-skid Base fabric, and zero motion transfer.
        • It is medium-firm with 1-inch gel memory foam and 5-inch high-density base support foam.
        • The cover is made up of premium washable fabric that is soft and breathable
        • Available with 10 years manufacturer warranty
      7. Sleepyhead 3 layered mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Made up of 4 layers – Support foam at the base, Responsive memory foam, comfort foam and breathable fabric cover at the top
        • Provides the right amount of firmness, bounce, and density for the perfect sleeping experience
        • The outer cover is easily washable and helps you to keep it dust-free
        • Available with 100 days of the trial period and 10 years manufacturer warranty
      8. Dreamzee Ortho mattress: Click here to buy online
        • It gives medium comfort and can be used on both sides. It’s soft on one side and firmer on the other.
        • It uses Quilted knitted breathable fabric in hexagon design for superior looks
        • It has a cushioning layer of 1-inch cool memory foam and 1-inch soft foam
        • It has a support layer made up of high density rebonded foam that isolates any motion. It provides great orthopedic support to the entire body
        • It is available with 5 years warranty
      9. Take care foam mattress: Click here to buy online
        • Made up of high-density foam and rebonded foam with a premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover
        • High-density foam provides better back support right spine alignment
        • It’s a dual mattress with two sides – softer and firmer. You can use any side as per your requirements
        • Available with 5 years manufacturer warranty

      Before You Make The Final Purchase

      There are a few other things you should consider before making the final purchase:

        1. Firm Vs Soft Mattress: Although there are some general recommendations for different requirements, you should also consider your preferences and choices while selecting a mattress. Also, you should consider if you have any physical issues like obesity, back pain, neck pain, etc. A mattress that is too soft can create more pressure on your lower back and shoulders whereas a harder mattress can be uncomfortable at the neck and hip areas. A balanced mattress which is neither too soft nor too hard and also addresses your requirements will be a suitable choice. Also, take into account your weight while deciding upon the mattress. A more firm mattress will be suitable for a heavy person whereas a softer plush bed will be appropriate for light-weighted people. For side-sleepers, a medium to soft firmness is recommended.
        2. Retail Purchase Vs Bed in a Box: Apart from traditional purchase options from physical stores, there are online purchase options from almost all the available brands. Though many people still prefer to make the purchase physically by going to the stores and verifying the product themselves, the newer generation is giving preference to online purchasing of mattresses. Online sites give detailed descriptions and specifications of the product. Also, you always have chat options where any query can be asked from company representatives. Apart from this, they also give a sufficient trial period which helps you to have a better idea of product quality. As per your preference, you may go for a retail or online purchasing option.
        3. Expensive Vs Budget Mattress: Apart from other considerations, you also need to pick a mattress that suits your budget. As the attributes and features improve, the prices also tend to go on the higher side. You should understand your requirements which cannot be compromised upon and select a suitable mattress in your budget. Also, purchasing directly from the manufacturer can help you save money. It is better to not compromise on the quality of the mattress because it will be long-lasting than cheap ones.


        FAQs for Side Sleepers

        Which should be the preferred side for side sleepers?

        As per the experts and health professionals, it is recommended to sleep on your left side. Though recommended especially for pregnant women, it is equally good for everyone. Left side sleeping allows good blood circulation, aids better digestion and prevents any acid reflux and heartburn issues.

        How Should We Choose the Best Pillow For Side Sleeping?

        Side sleepers need a suitable pillow that can well support their neck during sleeping. You should look for a pillow with an optimum height that keeps your neck in line with the shoulder. The right height of the pillow is much required to prevent any neck pain.

        Which Mattresses Should Be Avoided By Side Sleepers?

        We have talked much about which mattresses will be suitable for a side-sleeper. But there are certain mattresses which a side sleeper should avoid, such as spring mattress and water mattress. Both these varieties cannot offer the level of support needed by side sleepers. Water mattresses can sink in too much whereas spring mattresses can be stiffer than required. Also, both these varieties cannot hold the body weight evenly on the mattress which makes them inappropriate for side sleepers.

        Should I add Extra Pillows or Accessories For Support During Side Sleeping?

        Along with the right height pillow, you may consider adding a thin pillow between your legs to lighten the pressure of the top hip on the lower hip. This also helps to keep your spine aligned while sleeping. Also, there are several full-body pillows and armrest pillows available in the market, which are specially designed for side sleepers and helps to keep your limbs and organs aligned during sleeping.

        Which Mattress Should I Consider Getting if I’m a Combo Sleeper?

        All the recommended mattresses for side sleepers emphasize on pressure relief and optimum support, hence most of them will be suitable for a combo sleepers – who sleep on sides for some time and sleep on their back as well. But if you also sleep on your stomach, try to understand that for how much time you stay in different positions. If most of the time you are side sleeping or sleeping on your back, all the above-recommended mattresses will work fine for you.

        A Side Note

        There are several mattresses and brands available in the market nowadays with different features to cater to different requirements. You need to understand your sleeping patterns and positions to look for a suitable mattress for yourself. It can be purchased from a physical store or you may consider the bed in box options. There are many varieties available online also as per different budgets. You may order a mattress of international quality in just a few clicks and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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