Best Mattress for Back Pain in India

A night of peaceful sleep is what everyone needs after a long tiring day! Bed mattresses are responsible for it. Sometimes, we get back pain from the mattress only. If this is the case, then it is high time to replace it as per your requirements. In this article, we will help you find the best mattress for back pain. We will list out the best orthopedic mattress, and you can choose which mattress is good for back pain.

The most common issue faced by many is back pain while lying on the mattress. It can be due to the wrong mattress, or your mattress is no longer suitable for your sleep pattern. You must understand that sleeping on an uncomfortable, wrong mattress can result in severe back pain.

It will not only worsen the back pain; instead, you won’t feel fresh when you wake up in the morning. That can also result in a headache or any other health complications. So, it would always be better to change the mattress than being late and worsen your health.

I would like to share one secret tip with you that any best orthopedic mattress will also work well to give you relief from back pain. If you are looking to change your mattress and get relief from back pain, then we are here to help you out. Let me list out a few variants that would be best for you to get relief from back pain: –


Best Mattress for Back Pain – SleepVert’s Top Picks

  1. SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel
  2. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  3. SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam
  4. Duroflex Back Magic – Doctor Recommended Orthopaedic
  5. Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress
  6. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress
  7. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Medium Firm Orthopedic 6 inch
  8. Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Spring Mattress

If you are unsure what to consider while buying a mattress, you can check Mattress Buying Guide in India.

1. SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Mattress: Click here to buy online

Sleepycat is offering a memory foam mattress that is embedded with the latest gel technology. These mattresses have an anti-skid feature. It is built up of foam and gel composition. It is a 6-inches mattress, 1-inch is a gel which is supported by 5-inches memory foam.

The topmost layer is covered by gel to provide you the most comfortable experience. But you need firmness to support your back to get relief from pain. That would be provided to you by memory foam.

This mattress is majorly made up to provide extra support to your back. The memory foam in the mattress takes the shape of your body and makes you feel most comfortable while you lay on it. One of the gel orthopedic mattresses can provide you relief from your back pain.

The outer cover is made up of GSM knitted fabric that provides you the super-soft touch. The memory foam which is used in it has CertiPUR-US certification. It also has a feature that you won’t get disturbed if your partner moves on the other side.

Apart from all these features, this brand is well-known for its super-responsive customer care. That means they ensure the comfort of their customers and relief from back pain.

Features of SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Mattress:-

Let me list out a few features: –

Gel and foam layered: – It has a base layer of memory foam and a top layer of gel. That makes it a medium-firm mattress. It helps the mattress to take the shape of your body.

Zero partner disturbance: – You won’t get disturbed with your partner’s moments no matter how much they move around while you sleep.

Removable outer cover: – As you can wash the outer cover of your mattress, which helps you to make it toxin-free.

Anti-skid base: – It has a feature of the anti-skid base, which prevents sliding-off.

It has anti-toxic features.It is not firm enough.
Removable cover and breathable fabric.You may find it a thin mattress.
Ideal support for orthopedic issues.
It is anti-skid & zero partner disturbance.

2. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

: Click here to buy online

Sleepyhead Original - 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
As the name says, it is made up of 3 layers of foam. The topmost layer is the outer cover, then comfort foam after that memory foam, and the base is high-density foam. This combination makes it heat-resistant in the summers and moist weather in India.
It has high-quality super-soft GSM outer fabric. That is washable, which makes it dust and toxin-free. It has an anti-bacterial feature which makes it anti-allergic. It is light in weight that makes it easily movable. This mattress has a perfect bounce. It has high-density & memory foam which makes it bouncy.

Features of Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Let me share a list of a few features: –

Washable outer cover: – It has removable & washable outer covers. That makes it toxins & dust-free.
Easily movable: – It is light in weight which makes it easily movable.
High-density & perfect bouncy: – As you know, it has three different layers of foam that give ideal bounce to the mattress and mild firmness.
Breathable & heat resistant: – Three different layers of foam make it heat resistant that is preferred for hot Indian summer weather. The outer cover is made up of GSM breathable fabric that gives it perfect ventilation.
Three layers of a foam mattress.Not much comfortable
Washable outer cover

3. SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam: Click here to buy online

Sleepx is another trusted brand to provide you with the best mattress for back pain relief. The outermost layer is a quilting layer made up of Softech quiltech foam. Then is high-resilient foam, which helps the mattress to retain its original shape.

After that, it has Next-gen memory foam that takes the shape of your body while you lie on it and provides you utmost comfort. Then is a high-density foam that provides firmness to the mattress. This mattress is designed to provide the highest comfort for your spine and give you relief from back pain.

Sleepx has been designed to provide you with deep sleep so that you wake up fresh in the morning. It has an Aero firm bottom layer that makes it highly breathable. It is heat resistant, which is suitable for Indian hot summers.

Features of SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam

Below are the features of the Sleepx ortho mattress: –

No-spring mattress: – This mattress doesn’t have any spring. The high-density foam is being used to provide firmness to the mattress. The different layers of foam provide perfect bounce as well.

Highly breathable: – It has an Aero firm outer layer which makes the mattress highly breathable. Moreover, it doesn’t observe heat. That makes it heat-resistant and a good choice for hot Indian summer weather.

Soft quiltech foam: – As you know, the mattress is reversible. The topmost cover is of softech quiltech foam. And most suitable for the winter season. It gives you the super soft plush feel. However, the high-density bonded foam provides firmness.

Durable & long-lasting: – We consider it the most durable & long-lasting mattress. It has multiple layers of foam. These different layers make it firm enough to provide proper support to your spine and soft enough to make you feel comfortable. This balance between softness and firmness is the factor that makes it durable & long-lasting.

Neem Fresche Technology: – It is used to make the mattress toxin-free and works as an anti-allergen. Actually, the neem fresche technology helps keep flies, mosquitoes, bacteria, and ticks away from the mattress. That provides you with proper hygiene.

Adjust according to body shape and sleeping pattern: – There is a thick layer of memory foam in it. That takes the shape of your body posture. Hence the mattress adjusts itself according to your body shape & sleeping pattern, which provides you enough comfort.

It is a reversible mattress.Heavy in weight
Anti-bacterial & anti-toxic.Not easy to move
It has good ventilation.

4. Duroflex Back Magic – Doctor Recommended Orthopaedic Mattress: Click here to buy online

Duroflex Back Magic - Doctor Recommended Orthopaedic Mattress

As mentioned above, this one is highly recommended by doctors as it is certified by the NHA (National Health Academy). It has 5 zone points to relax your muscles and give you relief from back pain and any other body ache. This is the reason it is marked as the best mattress for back pain in India.

This mattress is built up of 7 different layers. The topmost layer is a PU foam quilt covered with soft knitted fabric, which gives you a plush soft feel. The next layer is the orthopedic 5-zone support layer. It is the main factor that gives you relief from back pain and other body aches.

The next one is the High-resilient foam layer. That helps the mattress retain its shape. It is the factor for the durability of the mattress. After that, it has high-density coir. It provides firmness to the mattress and makes it breathable.

Another layer is rebounded high-density foam that helps to retain the original shape of the mattress. It also provides high durability. Next is, again, high-density coir. And after that, it is again jacquard woven fabric. It is also known as a Duropedic (duroflex & orthopedic) mattress. And we can use it from both sides.

Features of Duroflex Back Magic

Let me share a list of features: –

NHA-certification & recommendation: – This mattress is designed to provide you relief from back pain and other body aches if any. It is highly recommended as it is certified by NHA. So, you can buy it without another thought.

5-zone support for joints: – The second layer is specialized to provide you 5-zone support for your body. It not only helps to get relief from backache instead from other body aches as well. Actually, it gives support to your spine and makes it comfortable. The pressure points relax your whole body muscles that relieve pain.

Immovable: – The two layers of coir make the mattress heavier, and you can’t move it easily. That actually maintains the structure and durability of the mattress.

Jacquard woven fabric: – Jacquard woven fabric provides a super-soft plush feeling. It even helps in ventilation.

Posture-correction: – The 5-zone pressure points help correct your body posture and align your spine, which helps relieve back and body aches.

Dual Sided: – You can use this mattress from both sides. One of the sides is firm that is made up of coir. Another side is made up of soft foam. So, you can flip it as per your requirements.

You can use it on dual sides, one is soft, and another is hard.It is an expensive mattress.
There is coir filling on the hard side.
This one is recommended by NHA (National Health Academy).

5. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam Mattress: Click here to buy online

Wakefit is known for providing quality on a limited budget. Their orthopedic mattress also comes as a budget variant. However, it provides utmost relief from back pain. As both the layers are of foam only, it is the most comfortable mattress to sleep on.
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam Mattress
The top layer is memory foam which is known for providing comfort to your body. It actually takes the shape of your body posture while lying on it. Then it provides comfort and support to the whole body and relaxes it. It has 7-zone pressure points as well that helps in providing extra support to the spine.
The second layer is high-density foam which helps in retaining the actual shape of the mattress. So, we can say that it takes the shape of your body posture and retains its shape as well. This gives it a perfect bounce.

Features of Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam Mattress

Here is the list of features: –

Breathable fabric: – High-quality fabric is used to make these mattresses which make them highly breathable. That results in heat-resistant quality, which is preferably an excellent choice for the Summer weather in India.
Even weight distribution: – As memory foam is known to get the shape of your body, that helps in distributing your body weight evenly on the mattress. It makes it durable and long-lasting.
Improve sleep posture & excellent back support: – This amazing mattress has the feature that helps you in improving your sleep posture as it provides excellent support to your spine.
Removable & washable cover.Only available in White color
Light-weight, easily foldable, and portable.
7-zone pressure points provide extra support to the spine.

6. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress: Click here to buy online

As the name says, this mattress is specially designed to be used by both sides. One of the sides of the mattress is soft, and the other is firm. However, both the firmness and softness are medium only.

This mattress is made up of 2 different layers of foam. One of the layers is high-density, the high resilient foam which provides firmness to the mattress. Moreover, it helps to keep the original shape of the mattress. Another layer is soft foam. You can flip to this side if you want to feel the softness and get comfy in your bed.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Features of Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Let me list out a few features: –

Perfect Bounce: – The firm high-density foam provides a perfect bounce that helps it retain the mattress’s original shape. That helps in durability as well.

Non-removable cover: – The outer covers are of high-quality breathable fabric. However, it is non-removable as it helps the mattress cover intact life-long.

Anti-bacterial & anti-toxin: – It has a special feature anti-bacterial & anti-toxin. That makes it the most desirable mattress.

Dual-sided: – As it is made up of 2 different layers. You can use it from both sides. One of the sides is medium-firm. However, another is medium soft.

You can use it from both sides.Bit heavier than other foam mattresses.
Provides excellent support.
Durability and high quality.

7. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Medium Firm Orthopedic Mattress: Click here to buy online

This is based on the latest SmartGrid technology. The sleep company has designed it for your comfort and orthopedic needs. It is one of the perfect sleep partners. It is made up of a hyper-elastic polymer that provides a super soft experience. But it supports your back enough to get rid of any kind of pain.

It has perfect elasticity that helps retain its original shape and helps correct your body posture. This amazing mattress has 2500 air channels that help in proper ventilation. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Moreover, it has the feature of zero partner disturbance.

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Medium Firm Orthopedic Mattress

Features of Sleep Company SmartGRID orthopedic Mattress

Here is a list of features: –

Highly Elastic: – The SmartGrid technology has high elasticity that helps the mattress to retain its original shape even after providing you proper comfort by taking the shape of your body.

Perfect support to spine & improve posture: – The technology used to make it the latest technology. That helps the mattress to provide proper support to your spine, which results in relieving back pain. Moreover, it also helps in improving your posture.

Zero Partner Motion: – This latest technological mattress has a feature of zero partner motion. That means you won’t get disturbed while sleeping by your partner’s movements.

SmartGrid technology: – The mattress is based on this latest technology. That provides softness and proper support to your spine at the same time. Actually, the mattress takes the shape of your body that also helps you to correct your posture while sleeping.

Hypo-allergenic & Toxins free: – The food-grade material is used to make this mattress. That is why it is free from toxins and hypoallergenic.

Sleep Company SmartGRID orthopedic Mattress

It is made based on the latest smartgrid technology.Heavy in weight
Most durable mattress, as the manufacturer promises 30 years of sinking protection.
Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and toxin-free.

8. Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Spring Mattress: Click here to buy online

Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Spring Mattress

Springtek has designed this mattress for the complete family as they know that bed mattresses are shared by family whoever co-sleeps. So, they have created this ortho mattress keeping it in view that another partner can easily co-sleep. And won’t get disturbed.

They have provided medium firmness and a feel of softness as well. The mattress is made up of 5 different layers. The uppermost is outer quilted covers made up of premium fabric. Next is the layer of high-quality form to give you support. After that, it is the Felt Support layer.

After that, there is foam encasement at the edges of the mattress to provide support to springs and arrange those springs. Inside that encasement, there are individually wrapped pocket springs. That helps in providing extra support to your spine, helping relieve the back pain.

Features of Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Spring Mattress

Edge to edge support: – As mentioned above the individual springs are used to make the mattress and to provide them edge to edge support, a foam encasement is used. It helps the mattress to provide the utmost comfort to you. That also offers proper support to your spine and other body parts which helps in relieving pain.

Zero partner disturbance: – Individually wrapped springs are used to make this mattress. That results in zero partner disturbance, even if your partner moves around on the bed while sleeping.

High-quality product: – The manufacturer has designed it with high-quality assurance. The premium foam encasement of individual springs provide luxury comfort. Moreover the soft outer cover and foam layer provides the super soft feel.

Most comfortable mattress.Edges are a bit hard as the springs are covered in encasement to provide extra support.
High quality & durable product.
Five different layers provide the perfect solution for all.
The springs are individually wrapped to provide extra comfort and support.

The mattresses, as mentioned above, fit the purpose and provide comprehensive support and comfort to your spine and back.

Back pain from mattress

Without a mattress our beds are incomplete. A mattress can be useful, relieves pain, rejuvenates us but at the same time, it can cause different types of pain. It can become the source of your knee pain or lower back pain.

Mattresses mainly cause back pain as we lay on them on our back. Back pain is also caused due to disorders in the sleeping positions. Back pain may include pain in the shoulders, spine, hip and most commonly lower back pain.

Back pain from mattress

Types of back pain

  • Sciatica – In sciatica, pain emerges from the sciatic nerve and travels down the legs from the lower back. The symptoms are low back pain, Sharp pain, Radiating pain.
  • Spondylitis – Spondylitis is the inflammation of the spine. Back pain, joint stiffness are the common symptoms.
  • Spondylosis – It is a wear and tear or dysfunction of the spinal discs. It is an age-related disorder. Low back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain are their symptoms.
  • Muscle strain – It is the tearing or stretching of a muscle or a tissue. The symptoms are Muscle pain, Joint pain.
  • Slipped disc- It is the problem with the rubbery disc between the spinal bones. The symptoms are:- Back pain, Leg pain, Foot pain.

Back pain due to different types of mattresses

Back pain due to different types of mattresses

Back pain due to Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress causes back pain due to the following reasons:-
● The mattress is used with the wrong type of base.
● The mattress is causing misalignment with your neck and pillow.
● The mattress has not been getting adjusted with your body weight.

Back pain from latex mattresses

Latex mattresses can cause back pains in the upper back between the shoulder blades and lower back.
This pain is due to
● the softness of the mattress
● misaligned the body with the pillow.

Back pain from Spring Mattresses:-

Spring Mattresses causes back pain due to the following reasons:-
● If the mattress doesn’t have the right firmness, then it gives back pain.
● If the mattress is old and sagging, that does not offer adequate support, hence promoting back pain.
● Spring mattresses are cheaply made, i.e., the springs could be felt.

Back pain from Hybrid Mattresses

Low back pain, hip pain can arise from Hybrid mattresses. Too firm mattresses can cause joint pressure in the hips, which leads to lower back pain. Hence you should check the firmness and softness of the mattress before buying.

Back pain from Air Bed Mattresses

An air bed mattress can cause stiffness and severe back pain. The reasons are as follows:-
● It doesn’t provide adequate support.
● In Air bed mattresses, spine alignment is not proper.
● They do not provide maximum comfort.

If you are a side sleeper and still not sure what to look for in a mattress, you must read the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers.


Which mattress is good for back pain

Back pain is a significant problem among many of us. It is not limited to any age group. From younger to older, all may suffer from it. In case of back pain, mattresses play an important role. Because at home it is the mattress that we use the most.

Buying a mattress is a personal choice, but those who suffer from back pain should keep some factors in mind while choosing.

While choosing a mattress for back pain, you should focus on the following:-

● Firmness
● Support

Apart from this, there are different types of mattresses suitable for back pain. Let me share a list:-

Memory Foam and Latex: – Memory Foam and latex are the most recommended mattresses for back pain. Both of them can provide maximum support in back pain. They lend support to your pressure points like shoulders and hips. They embrace your body and protect all the natural curves. Memory and Latex also maintain the alignment of your spine during sleep, which helps in reducing pain and stress on the back.

Latex is also known to prevent the bed from heating, and Latex, when combined with Memory foam, gives utmost back support and pain relief and keeps the mattress cool.

Because of its multiple polyurethane layers, a memory foam mattress responds to the shape of the body, leaves an imprint, and doesn’t bounce back immediately. Memory foam supports the shape of the spine because of its body contouring quality. It evenly distributes the body weight and hence increases comfort.

● Innerspring: – An Innerspring mattress is also known as a traditional mattress. It is generally made up of a bed of coils topped with a foam layer. But in many cases, a regular Innerspring with pocketed coils, foam tops is not enough to provide full support and relief from back pain. But they have other advantages too. They provide a buoyant feel which prevents the hips from sinking into the mattress and thus can be comfortable for people with back pain.

● Airbed: – You can customize your bed using an Airbed mattress. You can change the hardness or softness by adjusting the air pressure within the mattress. Foam or Innerspring mattress lacks this quality. These beds are capable of providing good support to wipe off your back pain. However, there are beds containing air components that can be adjusted for firmness. But in comparison to Latex or memory foam, they lack the properties of body contouring.

Hybrid: – Hybrids are the best type of bed for lower back pain. A hybrid mattress is a combination of foam with an Innerspring mattress. It is made of spring coils, foam, or natural fiber.
Common hybrid mattresses are made of a coil or airbase with a latex top or plush memory foam. An amalgamation of these two materials can provide effective relief and support to reduce back pain, soreness.

Many hybrid mattresses contain pocketed coils and a zoned coil system that maintains an optimum temperature by generating air circulation and preventing deep sinkage, supporting and safeguarding you near the edges.

So, we can say that for back pain, a hybrid mattress tops the chart. Next to it comes Memory Foam and Latex, followed by Innerspring and Airbed mattresses.


Which Features of a Mattress Can Relieve Back pain?

Which Features of a Mattress Can Relieve Back pain?

Waking up in the midst of the night due to severe back pain affects your health, mood as well as the next day’s performance. Here, mattresses play a crucial role in it. So, it is necessary to do the appropriate research before you buy a mattress.

The best mattress for back pain is one that achieves a balance between back support and comfort. That has the proper spinal position and keeps the hips and shoulder in line and where the muscles can relax. Let’s count the features to look for while buying a mattress: –

● In Spite of the saying that “the harder the mattress, the better it is for your back,” this is not always true. Too firm mattresses can enhance your back pain.
● Interior sprung mattresses. Memory foam mattresses do a good job.
● Back pain patients should go for a memory foam mattress or a natural latex orthopedic mattress as they are designed to suppress the back pain by increasing blood circulation, evenly distributing body weight, and also by improving posture.

Comfort & Support
Support is very important. It is how the mattress is performing and supported by pushing the back against the body. This keeps your spine straight and induces a good sleeping posture. Comfort is how the mattress is when it comes to softness or firmness.

Return policy
Ask the salesperson if there is a return policy. Because most manufacturers don’t offer a guarantee on comfort, so you cannot return if it doesn’t feel right for you after the purchase. Therefore gather information on the return policies before buying.


Shop for the best value and quality of the mattress rather than for price.

A mattress is necessary for the coziest sleep. You may get this comfort from a mattress that is neither branded nor expensive. Buying a branded mattress and getting painful sleep is not desired.

An expensive soft mattress or a firm one can be harmful to your back and spine. So, price doesn’t matter. Expensive mattresses are not always conducive to your health.


Understand and inquire about the physical components of the mattress.

Before buying, please inquire about the components of the mattress and understand them carefully. Inquire about the support, comfort components, and most importantly, the base.

If you are looking for support, then inquire about its pocket coils, whether they are continuous or innerspring. Memory foam materials are used either singularly or in combination.

For comfort, purposes look for the foams, Latex, visco-elastic, whether they are blended or used individually.


Mattress Type

Memory Foam Mattress: – Memory Foam has a wide range of densities that can provide a soft, medium, or firm mattress. This mattress is a good choice for shoulder and hip pain as it prevents the shoulder and hip from cradling.
Innerspring mattress: – It is beneficial for lower back pain. Although the top layer is soft, the surface underneath is firm.
Latex mattress: – This mattress is overall good for your back support as it is composed of foam rubber material.
Airbeds: – Airbeds are best for back injury sufferers. In airbed mattresses, the firmness can be regulated so it can provide maximum comfort.


Personal preference should ultimately determine what mattress is best.

While choosing a mattress, personal preference is the ultimate thing. You must consider
how firm the mattress should be-it depends on the type of comfort you are seeking. For back pain mediums, firm mattresses should be the choice.

Also, you may find a spring mattress good for your spine support. Or a memory foam to provide you with the ultimate comfort in your back pain.

For comfort seekers, a latex mattress, a coil mattress is the choice.


Be aware of mattress advertising gimmicks.

Sellers may label their mattress as orthopedic or medically approved, but practically no medical organization certifies mattresses to carry such labels.

So, do not go by the advertisement. Check before buying.

For a safe purchase, you should do the following:-

Take your time: – Most of us sleep seven to nine hours at night. So, spending a few minutes in the showroom won’t serve the purpose. So lie down as much time as possible and then make a choice.
Move about: – To measure its softness or firmness, you need to roll over, sit up, get in or out of it. If the mattress is too soft, these activities will take time, and if it is too firm, your shoulders, hips will feel uncomfortable.
Sleep on the base: – You should check the bed base before buying. It should be similar to the one you use at home.
Bring your partner: – Bring the partner with whom you are sharing your bed. Ask them to lie down and become aware of your partner’s move.
Be alert and fresh: – If you come buying a mattress feeling sleepy and tired, all mattresses will feel great.
Confirm about the display model: – The test mattress could be on display for two days or for two weeks, and many have tried testing on it. This will make the mattress sag or affect its firmness, support.


Purchase mattresses trustworthy websites and brands

It is natural to get confused by the countless number of brands and websites operating in the Indian mattress market. The following list can be helpful to help you solve your dilemma.


Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?

Memory foam and Latex are preferred by many for back pain. They prevent overheating as the layers of coils inside the mattress promote airflow and keeps the mattress cool. They even provide different levels of firmness, but a hybrid mattress comes with more choices in levels of firmness. Hybrid mattresses possess conformability and cushioning of their top foam layers, which provides a different level of firmness ranging from soft to firm.


How do I know if my mattress is causing back pain?

● If you are waking up in the morning with soreness in your body, then it is due to your mattress.
● A sagging mattress causes back pain, and you feel the pain while holding your back.
● You get disturbed sleep throughout the night and consistently wake up. Or you end up tossing and turning the whole night.


Conclusion: – To conclude, even though mattresses are personal preferences, a medium-firm mattress is the best option for back pain. A mattress that protects or supports the natural curve of your spine when you are lying flat or on your side is considered the best.

We have mentioned a detailed article about the best mattress for back pain in India. I am positive that it will help you find the best suitable mattress for you to get relief from back pain. Moreover if you are looking to buy a normal mattress for your home, you must check the Best Mattress in India.

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